Mexico will not restrict its border crossings and never has


Only the United States maintains restrictions on only essential crossings while Mexico continues to allow all types of crossings

During the morning conference of the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, responded to questions about the current restrictions on border crossings between this country and the United States.

Ebrard commented that every week the information released by the Ministry of Health of Mexico is reviewed since every month there is a dialogue with authorities in the American country.

“There are different ways of looking at it, Mexico is not going to opt for imperative closure, that would have many consequences and that applies to the border. Recommendations are made, orientation is made, but we are not anticipating closure of activities, ”he said at the morning conference.

However, despite observing an outbreak of Covid-19 in the United States , which is not in the border cities, according to Ebrard, “the restriction has not been changed with different modalities to activities that are not considered essential. We do not estimate that this provision will be modified in the short term, but until this date we will not modify what is already established, ” said the Chancellor this Thursday.

In addition, when asked if Mexico would be stricter with foreigners who cross into the country, the Secretary said that “Mexico is not going to opt for an imperative closure”, since by not allowing their entry there would be many consequences due to the paralysis of activities at the border, “and probably the damage that we would do, imagine how many months we have been, could be enormous. We are not anticipating a total closure of activities, ” added Casaubón.

At the moment, the Mexican traffic light has also been adopted in the United States , with the same colors and similar meanings, which simplifies the dialogue between the two countries , as mentioned by Marcelo Ebrard.


Mexico Daily Post