“Eta” or “Theta” would be cyclone 28 and would affect Yucatan, in early November


MÉRIDA, Yucatan, Wednesday 10/28/20 .- Between November 3 and 6, a new tropical cyclone would form, which would tie the record of 28 in a season, which was in 2005, because now we have 27, with “Zeta”.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Cyclone Formation Prediction Center matches all meteorology models that there will be a Cyclonic development in the Caribbean between November 3-6.

This new meteorological phenomenon would affect the Yucatan Peninsula or Cuba, and the Canadian, American and European Models agree that an area of ​​downpours between Colombia and Venezuela will develop in the first days of November.

This area will strengthen to a Tropical Depression very close to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, to later become a Tropical Storm or Hurricane in the Gulf of Honduras, which would bear the name of Eta or Theta, and would advance to the Yucatan Peninsula between the 6 and November 8th.

However, another model like the Ikon predicts that this meteor would cross the center of Cuba.

Source: noaa.gov

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