Expropriated land in Tulum, option for the new airport


How will this impact current housing developments in Tulum


In 2011, due to efforts by the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), the government of Quintana Roo expropriated two pieces of land in Tulum for the construction of the then Riviera Maya airport project, which was ultimately canceled.

However, on the morning conference of October 6, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that they will resume the project that was intended to be built years ago in that area, for which there are already two lands in the Tulum municipality, one of which would be provided by the SCT and another by the Secretary of the Navy.

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Estación Aeronaval de Tulum

“There was already a preliminary draft, but it was not materialized in the times of other governments; you have the land and the military engineers are going to build it just as the Felipe Ángeles airport is being built, in the same way (…) We are going to start working at the beginning of 2021 because we are going to inaugurate it in 2023. a fact that this work is going to be carried out. There are two lands, one belonging to the SCT and the other belonging to the Secretary of the Navy in that area very close to Tulum, ”said the federal president.


The agreement between the SCT and the now defunct Institute of Real Estate Heritage of Quintana Roo (Ipae), published on May 29, 2011 in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), established that the state government would take charge of the expropriation process of the lands located in the ejidos Macario Gómez, with an area of ​​70-00-00 hectares and Jacinto Pat, with areas of 50-00-00 and 56-41-69,768 hectares, located in the municipality of Tulum.

Once the lands were obtained, they were to be transferred to the SCT, an agency that promised to include in the bidding rules that the winning bidder of the contest to build the Riviera Maya airport, would cover the Ipae, the expenses that it made with The reason for the release of the right of way of the expropriated lands, since prior to the bidding of the work, the expenses for expropriation decree, as well as the services for human resources, were made at the time under the Ipae budget.

Anuncia López Obrador construcción de aeropuerto en Tulum

In the event that the tender was not carried out by the Federal Executive, the SCT warned that “it would not have any responsibility with the Ipae, the government of the state of Quintana Roo, and/or any other agency, entity, and in general any other including individuals, regarding the disbursement made by the Ipae on the occasion of the release of the right of way ”, as read in the agreement published then in the DOF. It is worth mentioning that the project was canceled under the administration of Felipe Calderón when the tender was declared void.


Currently, neither the federal government nor the state administration has specified exactly the land that the new Tulum airport will occupy, it is only known that the old project for which the two lands referred to in the agreement published in May were expropriated will be resumed. 2011. 

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