Coronavirus Sinaloa: Latest news today on October 23 about Covid 19


Latest news from Sinaloa directly related to the coronavirus

Sinaloa.- There are 92 new patients who are added to the lists of the Covid-19 epidemic in Sinaloa, and active cases reached 620, according to the latest and updated report provided daily by the State Secretariat of Health.

These 92 new patients are mostly in the state capital, as there are 37; followed by Guasave, with 21; Mazatlán, with 11; Ahome, with 10; Sinaloa, 7; Salvador Alvarado, Elota and Choix, with 2 each. 

As for the active cases of Covid-19, Culiacán is also in the first place, with 361; Mazatlán presents 79; and in third place on this list is Ahome, with 67. It should be noted that Guasave has sixty, and from there the number drops dramatically to ten in Sinaloa de Leyva.

They add more deaths

Sadly, deaths  from the SARS-CoV-2 virus continue. Twelve new deaths were added, with which Sinaloa already has 3,514 lives lost by Covid-19.

Within this group of men and women who lost the battle to the new coronavirus, the youngest person was just 22 years old, a man from Culiacán who had HIV. The oldest was an 80-year-old man, apparently without another illness. However, in other of these deaths there were cases of comorbidity, such as hypertension and diabetes.

According to all these figures, in the historical accumulated, so far in Sinaloa, with 62 new discharges, it is 16,444 people recovered, 20,578 patients and 1,128 suspected cases, with a presence in the municipalities of Ahome, El Fuerte, Culiacán , Escuinapa, Guasave, Mazatlán, Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa, Navolato, Angostura, Elota, Rosario, Mocorito, Choix, Badiraguato, San Ignacio, Cosalá and Concordia.

As for the people who are fighting for their lives at this time in intensive care units, it was reported that the total hospitalized of active patients are 33.3 percent, and in serious condition 1.8 percent of the total of patients.

Coronavirus deaths registered yesterday in Sinaloa

  • Salvador Alvarado
    • 80-year-old man died on October 20 at IMSS Los Mochis
  • Mocorito
    • 70-year-old man died on October 19 in IMSS Guasave
  • Elota
    • 68-year-old man died on October 20 in IMSS Mazatlán (COPD)
  • Ahome
    • 70-year-old man died October 9 at HG Medical Center (private)
  • Navolato
    • 57-year-old man died on July 17 in IMSS Culiacán (diabetic)
  • Culiacan
    • 22-year-old man died on October 18 in IMSS Culiacán (HIV)
    • 73-year-old woman died on October 20 in IMSS Culiacán (diabetes)
    • 71-year-old woman died on October 19 in IMSS Culiacán
    • 69-year-old man died on October 19 in IMSS Culiacán (hypertensive)
    • 62-year-old man died on October 20 in HG Culiacán (hypertensive)
    • 65-year-old woman died on October 20 in ISSSTE Culiacán (diabetic)
    • 66-year-old man died on October 19 in HG Culiacán (hypertensive)


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