Russian energy company Lukoil increases its presence in Tabasco


With its investment in Tabasco, the Russian company Lukoil seeks to reinforce the presence of its products in the southeast of Mexico.

The Russian energy company Lukoil inaugurated in Tabasco a testing laboratory for its lines of greases, oils, and other products for vehicles, a project that will generate more than 200 jobs in the state. Miguel Ángel Narváez Ramírez, director of Lukoil México, explained that the alliance with Lukoil Lubricants de México, a subsidiary of Lukoil Russia, allows the introduction of lubricants, greases and antifreeze technology to Tabasco and to the entire Mexican southeast, which will extend the life of the diesel.

Oleg Shurubor, CEO of Lukoil México, highlighted the importance of the investment made by the Russian company in the country through Tabasco, in order to improve the living and working conditions of the region’s inhabitants.

“Our goal is a long-term job in Tabasco and with a strong presence. So far we have invested around 80 million dollars in the oil industry and with the opening of our first oil well next year, these investments will grow ”, said Oleg Shurubor, CEO of Lukoil Mexico.

During the inauguration of the facilities of the Russian company, Governor AdánAugusto López Hernández said that the more than 200 jobs that Lukoil México will generate in Tabasco will derive from its association with the local companies Comercialadores de Bienes y Servicios NAES, Tecnología y Estudios Geo, and Inter Lab Services.

Dimitry Golovin, CEO of Lukoil Lubricants México, explained that the technology they bring to the country, both in lubricants and in the exploration segment, has all the experience concentrated in his country, which has the largest number of deposits of oil in the world.

“In addition to the conversion we do with Tabasco for the distribution of our products, we also invest in qualified personnel from the State,” he concluded.

Source: TYT.COM.MX

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