Railway corridor will be key to the modernization of Mazatlán


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The T-MEC rail corridor , which will connect Sinaloa with Canada, motivates the Council for the Economic Development of Sinaloa in the southern zone, since it will reactivate Mazatlán, said Alfredo Ruelas Solís.

He considered that it is very good news since they have been longing for the reactivation of the port and are waiting for the project that would join Mazatlán with Winnipeg to be formally presented.

“It motivates us because, in the agenda that we have of the regional committee, we are observing the modernization of the port, w have been waiting for this for a long time, this encourages us and motivates us to continue knocking on the doors with the federal government, even if it is not contemplated in the investment plan, “he said.

Ruelas Solís stressed that in the master plan of the port of Mazatlán they have been insisting and knocking on the door with projects such as the expansion of dredging, the modernization of the breakwaters and the cruise terminal.

He stated that all infrastructure projects are welcome and more so if they come to reactivate the modernization of the port, since one billion dollars in private investment are contemplated.

The president of Codesin in the southern zone pointed out that with regard to this Canada-Sinaloa railway project, there is a lot of secrecy, since there is no official statement from the Federation, so this must be respected since it is a private investment project.

“We learn from the media that it is an investment company, it is good news and we hope they will be able to get investors and we will wait for an official statement on the issue because although it is private investment, it will always be accompanied by the hand of government”, Ruelas concluded.

Source: OEM

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