Querétaro wants to become a ‘Smart City’


Entrepreneurs from Querétaro presented the TD2035 model: Digital Transformation with a view to the year 2035

Queretaro businessmen want to boost the project called TD2035, a work plan that seeks to make Querétaro a 100% smart city by the year 2035.

This digital transformation is aimed at creating a knowledge economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization processes of companies, so a strategy such as TD2035 was conceived as essential, the entrepreneurs agreed.

In this model, companies, both large and medium-sized, small and micro, join their collaborative efforts to strengthen the region’s economy and grow internationally.

There will be synergy between sectors

According to Jorge A. Buitrón Arriola, this strategy had already been working for a couple of years, however, now it will have a platform that involves the government, civil society, and educational institutions.

In the words of Buitrón Arriola, the presence of the pandemic and the consequent digitization of business tasks shaped new markets with all that this entails.

“It enables the creation of new markets that allow the development of new activities, new products and new services and is undoubtedly forcing new careers, new professions and new business models.”

The platform will boost the state’s economic production chain with the adoption of technology to streamline communication. The intention is to be a network of networks that makes the area grow, but with a vision of creating globally competitive companies.

“To bring Querétaro to a knowledge society we are based on four pillars: freedom of expression, universal access to information and knowledge, respect for diversity and culture and quality education,” said Buitrón Arriola.

In 2021 the platform will start operations

José Luis Cámara, president of AMIQRO, pointed out that it is important for small and micro companies to access this technology, since it is these companies that generate 75 percent of the jobs in the world.

The platform will come into operation during the second quarter of 2021 and it is expected that by the year 2035, Querétaro will become a smart city.

The entrepreneurs who announced this launch were Miguel Ángel Pirez, president of the Canacintra Querétaro Innovation and Technological Development commission; Alfonso Jiménez, member of the Executive Commission of Coparmex Querétaro; Jorge Buitrón Arriola, president of Vórtice IT Clúster Querétaro; Luis Enrique León, member of the TD2035 Coordination; Venancio Pérez Gómez, president of the Querétaro Plastics Cluster; José Luis Cámara, president of AMIQRO and Luis Gerardo González, secretary of Linking of the Technological University of Querétaro.

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