Papantla flyer falls from 20 meters high while performing in the state of Hidalgo (VIDEO)


The dancer performed the ritual that consists of tying his feet from the top of a trunk more than 20 meters high when suddenly the rope that held him got loose.

While performing the ritual of the Papantla flyersa dancer collapsed from an estimated height of 20 meters (65 feet), resulting in serious injuries, reported the emergency services of the state of Hidalgo.

The events occurred in the community of Toxtla, in the municipality of Acaxochitlán, a town located at the entrance to the Otomitepehua Sierra region, in the state of Hidalgo.

It was reported that the 25-year-old dancer, identified as AGH, performed the ritual, consisting of tying himself up from the top of a log more than 20 meters high and spin around with his head upside down, when suddenly the rope that held him was released, causing the man to be thrown with force several meters away.

After the fall, the emergency medical services arrived and transferred the man, who suffered multiple fractures, to the Tulancingo general hospital, where his health condition is reported as delicate.

Source: YouTube

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