Mazatlan struggles with educating tourist on wearing facemasks and not littering


The tourist and the citizen are still not educated and still do not have the culture of collecting what they throw away

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The habit of using the mask and the lack of a culture of putting garbage in its place are the problems that the workers of the Operative Networks of the Mazatlán City Council have faced the most with tourists, as reported by its coordinator, Karina Torres Ruelas.

“The tourist and the citizen still do not educate themselves and they still do not have the culture of collecting what they throw out,” she explained

Rainy day in Mazatlan tourists

The municipal official said the lack of use of the mask has had a bit of complexity for the tourist who visits the Mazatlan beaches since they do not know the guidelines or are not educated in this issue of the new normal.

Torres Ruelas also commented that since the beginning of this operation for more than three months and with the reopening of the port to tourism, garbage is another big problem they have had to deal with.

“Operation Networks affects us on the issue of garbage, which has become a problem in the tourist area and that is an important issue,” he said.

Finally, he said that Mazatlán had an influx of 38,000 visitors, 18,000 who were concentrated in the beach area, and the rest dispersed along the tourist strip.


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