Mazatlan hotels already have reservations for the end of the year


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the establishments on Del Mar Avenue register “sections” of 20%

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the trend in the occupancy registered by Mazatlán lodging centers during the weekends, the hoteliers of Mazatlan maintain good expectations for the end of the year.

The president of the Tres Islas Hotels Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, announced that since there are reservations for the remainder of October, November, and December.

Vacationers seek to come to Mazatlán at the end of the year.

“Although the circumstances are not good, a good October is expected thanks to the weekends, the same for November and surely the end of the year will close well,” he said.

He commented that hotel occupancy levels have remained between 50 to 55%, which has been beneficial for the sector, and by the end of the year, reservations register levels of 20%.

He recalled that in recent years, the accommodation establishments on Avenida Del Mar registered 100% occupancy by the end of the year, even with double-digit growth in the arrival of tourists, however, now it will be different.

“There is a lot of difference from this year to the previous one, however, working is the way in which we know how to get ahead, and we hope that in the short or medium term, an end point can be given to the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said. .

For this reason, he stressed the importance of maintaining and abiding by the prevention and health protocols in the accommodation centers.

On the other hand, Manguart Sánchez urged vacationers to make their reservations directly to the hotel or travel agency of their choice, so that they have a guarantee that what they are booking is real, and do not fall for scams.

“Otherwise there is a lot of risks, there is no place to complain, there is no owner to look for; Not everyone practices these actions, but in many cases, this situation occurs “, he concluded.


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