T-MEC corridor will run from Mazatlan, Sinaloa to Winnipeg, Canada


The Caxxor Group fund is preparing what will be one of the largest infrastructure projects for North America, the T-MEC (USMCA) corridor, a railway and logistics development that plans to connect Sinaloa, in Mexico, with Winnipeg, in Canada, crossing the United States, for which an initial investment of 3.3 billion US dollars is already emerging.

Carlos Ortiz, general director of Caxxor Group, a fund that seeks to attract capital for the development of infrastructure and companies that integrate these projects, said that it is a private investment, in which there is already interest from various groups and advances in permits with the governments of the three countries. In an interview, Ortiz commented that by 2021 he plans to integrate a Logistics Center in Winnipeg and in the vicinity of the Port of Mazatlán to activate what will be known as the T-MEC Corridor.

The project seeks to develop a new port in Sinaloa, to which an investment of one billion dollars will be allocated; It will have an industrial vocation and will be focused on serving containerized, agricultural, automotive, manufacturing, and energy cargo for oil and gas. Through this new port, 8 million containers are expected to be mobilized, making it the most important in Latin America and the second most relevant in the continent, after Long Beach, in Los Angeles, United States.  

He explained that unlike other logistics corridors, such as Panama, the project devised from the T-MEC will be one of transformation, so that along the route industries will be installed that add value to the goods that transit through it. 

The logistics infrastructure will link the Pacific Ocean, in Mexico, with the Central-Eastern and Eastern United States through the Sinaloa-Durango-Monterrey-Dallas-Tulsa-Chicago industrial region.  According to the Caxxor project, in the first quarter of 2021, 2.7 billion dollars will be invested.

Of these, 400 million will be for the Mexican export logistics center in Winnipeg; One billion is also foreseen for industrial parks in logistics centers in Mexico and 300 million for a shipyard in Mazatlán.  The first stage of engineering, projects and permits will begin in the second quarter of 2021.

It will be an alternative to the port of Long Beach and Manzanillo, “it is a holistic development in which the US, Canada, and Mexico are integrated into both ports and railways. , it is a concert of the countries and infrastructure ”. 

For the rail connection with Mazatlan, 87 kilometers of tracks will be built, a technical challenge since it requires crossing the Sierra Madre Occidental; the investment required is greater than 600 million dollars. 

“There are several railway operators that have approached and are interested in investing in the project”; With the construction of the road, there will be direct access to the 7,115 kilometers of railways that make up the T-MEC Corridor. 

Ortiz said that there is a will of the three countries and a complete opening to make the investment. The project will take at least five years.


CAXXOR® has several regional offices, one of the main offices in the United Kingdom, however, CAXXOR® is a company founded in Mexico although it currently has a global profile and the operation is distributed in several countries, (e.g. Panama, Colombia, among others). CAXXOR® is made up of three companies, REAL ASSETS, FINANCE, and GLOBAL ADVISORS and two investment protocols CAXXOR MEGA® (Projects with more than 1 B) and CAXXOR INVEST® (from 40 M and less than 1B). The origin of CAXXOR® is a real estate development, construction, and engineering company, after alliances and partnerships with investors, financial firms, and international funds, CAXXOR® stands out mainly as an infrastructure investor, however, we do not renounce our past and now we are holistic and very complete organization.

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