Mazatlan, surpasses all other municipalities of Sinaloa in private investment says Sedeco


The Secretary of Economic Development in Sinaloa highlighted that the Mazatlan port is outlined in the first place with 37 percent of the private investment generated in the state

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Despite the health crisis that occurs in the world and particularly in Sinaloa, Mazatlán continues to be the number one municipality at the state level in private investment, acknowledged the Secretary of Economic Development in Sinaloa (SEDECO), Javier Lizárraga Mercado, within the framework of the announcement of the Good End 2020 in Canaco Culiacán.


The official pointed out that the Pearl of the Pacific contributes 37 percent of private investment in the state, surpassing Culiacán with 33 percent, Ahome with 16 percent, and the rest of the other municipalities of Sinaloa.

He reported that in the last three and a half years, almost 100 billion pesos have been invested in private investment, contributing to the sustenance of the Sinaloan economy and increasing the labor market.

“In private investment at the state level, the first three years and six months we have practically brought about 99 thousand 400 million pesos, the municipalities that have stood out are Mazatlán, with around 37 percent, followed by Culiacán with 33 percent, Ahome with 16 percent and so we go with the rest of the municipalities; it should be mentioned that even Choix and Badiraguato have also generated private investment, “he said.

Lizárraga Mercado acknowledged that private investment is based a lot on the public investment that is made and the support that is generated by municipal governments that help with private initiative, in this case, entrepreneurs.

“It must be remembered that in these three and a half years, 2017, 18 and 19, I can tell you that with great confidence, that for each peso of public investment that has been given, almost 5 pesos of private investment have been invested, for that is so important that public investment continues so that it can give certainty of possibilities, “he said.

He pointed out that at an international level, a project has been generated that interposes Mazatlán as the headquarters for the realization of a railway corridor called ‘T-MEC Corridor’, which will connect Sinaloa with Canada, and where private investment will amount to more than 3 billion dollars, the same with which tourism, exports, and the creation of a new port were detonated.


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