Las Nubes Holbox join the Eco Hotels & Resorts collection


With an eco-friendly vision, this hotel seeks to deliver a service where guests do not have to give up luxury and comfort.

To the north of the Yucatan peninsula, there is a cozy island in the Mexican Caribbean that, just by seeing it, falls in love with those who dare to arrive. That’s where Las Nubes Holbox is located, a boutique hotel that seeks to bring the ecological experience to a level of luxury and comfort.

Nothing better for this than this charming enclave full of streets of white sand, paradisiacal beaches, and exquisite gastronomy based on seafood, where life simply passes slowly and allows you to stop for a moment to admire the gifts of nature.

Holbox hotel
Photo: Courtesy of Eco Hotel & Resorts.

This trend of travelers more concerned with the environment has driven the growth of ecotourism; This is where the Eco Hotels and Resorts movement is inserted, a collection that has several hotels in Spain, Antigua and Barbuda, as well as Mexico / with the inclusion of Las Nubes Holbox).

Eco hotel | Las Nubes de Holbox Ocean-Front Hotel | Quintana Roo

The property wants to eliminate the idea that guests must forgo luxury when traveling to a sustainable hotel. For this, the design of its 28 rooms, as well as the rest of its facilities are inspired by the Mayan culture; there, they have different architectural and decorative details made with natural materials and organic touch.

hotel Las Nubes Holbox
Photo: Courtesy of Eco Hotels & Resorts.

Some of its suites with a terrace allow you to enjoy with a front-row seat the wonderful sunsets that Holbox offers, which invite you to reconnect with the natural environment and its eco-friendly vision.

Of course, a stay at this hotel is the ideal pretext to embark on the adventure of getting to know the peaceful place, which has gained international fame in Mexico. Relaxing in a hammock in the middle of the sea, or taking a golf cart (the most frequent means of transport in Holbox ) and getting to Cayo Coco are some of the must-see activities.

hotel Las Nubes Holbox
Photo: Courtesy of Eco Hotels & Resorts.

Since last June, the destination was opened to tourism with the implementation of strict security protocols, despite the fact that by that time it did not register any case of COVID-19.

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