Sinaloa’s denounce commercial fishing in a protected area of ​​the Sea of ​​Cortez


Local fishermen see boats that carry tuna and skipjack with large nets off the Farallón in the Sea of ​​Cortez.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Facing the imposing beauty of the Farallón rock, a sanctuary for species such as sea lions in the Sea of ​​Cortezcommercial fishing boats from other states can be seen capturing tuna and skipjack with large nets.

Isla del Farallón Sinaloa Mexico, Playas de Mexico

According to a video released by those who like to walk in front of the Farallón and take tourist tours through the bays of Topolobampo and Santa María, they could see a boat that is only distinguished by Revillagigedo, launch its large fishing net.

Some local fishermen say that they take tuna and skipjack, thus breaking the food chain and the natural ecosystem of the Farallón and that it also affects catch and release sport fishing.


Farallón Island

We are going to tell you about a marine rocky ledge that, due to its peculiarities, is considered the second largest in its class on the planet. It is located in the middle of the Sea of ​​Cortez and due to its outstanding geographical location it appears in the middle of currents such as El Niño, which comes from the Pacific and the Sea of ​​Cortez.

Farallón Island serves as a sanctuary and natural refuge for sea lions and seals that live there, especially between the months of October and April. Likewise, hundreds of dolphins also roam there throughout the year, filling with joy the beautiful beaches of the Sea of ​​Cortez, which are close to this unmissable island. And it is that the marine mammals mentioned, in addition to finding safe refuge there, have abundant food available due to the enormous diversity of marine fauna that develops there.

For the rest, the place that we mentioned acts as a migratory refuge for hundreds and hundreds of seabirds, both those that are particular to the region and migratory ones, among which herons, pelicans and seagulls stand out. This makes the tourism specialists consider Farallón Island a first-class ecotourism destination.

Isla del Farallón is located in the northwest of the national territory in the state of Sinaloa . For those who head north of the state and take Los Mochis as a reference point, they can arrive at this outstanding coastal sanctuary, following the four-lane state highway, on a route of approximately 25 kilometers from the mentioned point.

It should be noted that the island is located 27 kilometers out to sea, so it will be necessary to hire a speedboat to get there. Such a service can be found in the old pier of Topolobampo. Therefore, it is a detail that does not imply any problem.

Visitors to Farallón Island have numerous recreational activities available such as sport fishing, due to the great abundance of dorado and sailfish in these waters. Also, due to the numerous species of aquatic birds that roam the area, hundreds of tourists like to practice bird watching and landscape photography.

If Isla del Farallón has beautiful beaches, on the coasts of Sinaloa there are other beach options that are worth considering. For example, we advise you to visit Olas Altas beach, located in old Mazatlán. It is a coastal area with a picturesque atmosphere that has a strange phenomenon that captivates visitors since its sands move from place to place according to the time of year and thus give the appearance that the large rocks that are located there change position.

Next, we have North Beach, which begins on the shore of Mazatlán and ends in the Golden Zone. It is one of the longest beaches in the country, measuring more than 16 kilometers. In the southern part, it has a moderate intensity swell that is very suitable for swimming. It is also a perfect place to sunbathe or practice sports such as volleyball or beach soccer.

Finally, we recommend visiting Venados Beach, two kilometers west of Mazatlán, on the island of the same name. It is a beach protected by dense vegetation that can be reached by boat or sailboat. It has a suitable wave for exercising in different nautical activities, such as snorkeling or swimming. Another interesting detail of Venados beach is that, in its vicinity, there are petroglyphs and stone engravings made by the prehistoric inhabitants of the area. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Sinaloa and especially those located on Farallón Island.

How to get to Farallón Island

Isla del Farallón is located 25 km from Los Mochis.

By land:

Los Mochis is located 232 km from Culiacán, linked from north to south by federal highway number 15 and by modern four-lane highways. From this city the panoramic train Chihuahua leaves to the Pacific that takes them directly to the Sierra de Tarahumara.

By air:

Modern airlines operate at Valle del Fuerte Federal Airport, linking Los Mochis with the main cities of the country and with cities in the United States such as Arizona, California and Los Angeles. The airport is located 18 km west of Los Mochis.

By sea:

By ferry, the Baja Ferries company offers transportation for passengers and vehicles, through the La Paz-Topolobampo-La Paz route, linking daily Sinaloa with the Baja California Sur peninsula. On a 7-hour tour through the waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez.


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