iPhone 12 announces launching date in Mexico


The official launch of the iPhone 12 in Mexico will take place on Tuesday, October 13th, at 12 noon Mexico City time.

A few weeks ago Apple unveiled the new generations of its smartwatches and iPads, but the great absent was the iPhone. Since July the company had announced that the launch of its new smartphone would be delayed for a few weeks and, although it had been speculated that it could actually be months, the company complied and announced a virtual event to be held on October 13.

With the slogan “Hi, speed”, in Spanish “Hola, speed”, which is actually a game of words related to the term “Hi-speed” which means “High speed”, the company is sending invitations to follow its event on next Tuesday at 12 noon, Mexico City time, in which the arrival of the iPhone 12 is expected.

So far it is speculated that Apple will announce four new iPhone models. The Pro version, two versions of the standard iPhone 12, and one more mini, which would mean the launch of more smartphones than the company has ever launched on a single event.

The smallest model expected next week is the so-called 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, meaning it falls between the original iPhone SE and the SE launched this year in terms of size. And at the other end of the line, Apple will reportedly reveal a version of the iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.7-inch screen, the largest the company has ever included in an iPhone. In between will be the 6.1-inch versions in two different configurations.

Beyond its design, something interesting for all Apple fans is that in the same way as the new iPad Air, the new iPhone 12 series will use the company’s latest mobile chipset, the A14 Bionic which offers higher performance and better energy efficiency compared to the previous version.

Everything also indicates that the company will launch models compatible with 5G networks and that all equipment will have OLED screens. The most powerful of the line is further said to have a 120Hz screen refresh rate, as well as LiDAR, like the latest iPad Pro models.

More Apple Products in Mexico

There has also been much speculation about new products that the apple company could launch including the AirPods Studio, wireless headband headphones that will be able to interact with other devices, and will automatically detect on which side of the head they have been placed and provide the best sound experience.

Another device that has been talked about a lot is the AirTags, small discs that can be placed on key rings, wallets, or bags and serve as a location system through other Apple equipment.

The mask problem

While waiting to find out if all the rumors are true, one of the changes that are also expected in iPhones is that they will be able to recognize the user, using facial recognition, even if they are wearing face masks. On several occasions, Apple has been asked to modify the Face ID systems so that, now that masks are so common due to the coronavirus, it can be able to recognize the iPhone user even with a face mask on, and for the first time, a person responsible for the company has answered this question.

The German media Stern interviewed Apple’s Platform Architecture Vice President, Tim Millet, who said:

“It is difficult to see something that is not in sight. The facial recognition models are really good, but it is a complicated problem. Users want convenience, but they also want to be safe. And at Apple we guarantee the security of the data.”

He said that although they can think of recognition techniques that do not involve the part of the face that is covered by the mask, this would mean losing some of the characteristics that make a face unique, “which in turn makes it easier to imagine someone could unlock the phone. ” So let’s not expect the technology to be a reality anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Apple is incorporating the use of masks in the latest updates of its emojis. Now the face mask emoji no longer has to look sad or sick, the new version available in the latest beta of iOS 14.2 brings a masked-face emoji that looks like it is smiling.

Source: Sipse

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