Cabo bars and nightclubs demonstrate to demand being allowed to reopen


Wednesday morning, a group of nightlife businessmen in the municipality of Los Cabos, met in a well-known commercial square of this port, to later leave for the city of La Paz and attend a meeting with state authorities to request the reactivation of this business line, since more than 5,000 families are being affected, desperately asking to work because the situation has become unsustainable.

Robín Hernández, president of the Los Cabos Association of Professionals and Business Leaders, said that this dynamic is with the objective that government authorities take this sector into account since the nightlife is important in any tourist destination.

Protestan… trabajadores y dueños de centros nocturnos exigen reapertura

He referred that entrepreneurs of these businesses have been pioneers at the national level in the development of a safety and hygiene manual, in addition to having been the first establishments to close in the country, when the pandemic began, that is, before the health authority give instruction, thereby demonstrating the social commitment to society. 

“We applied ourselves to review the information of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, the Health authorities and we got to work and presented the nightlife manual to the media in the month of May, which contains what to do in the areas of work, as well as the procedures to develop and how to do it “

He stressed that it is already 7 months in which businessmen and nightlife workers are waiting for a response and in which they can no longer afford expenses, rents, workers, who have been supported but need moreover, they even carry out other activities because they can no longer support their expenses.

“We want to raise our hand and say we are ready like any other area, we are ready and that is what we are going to tell the authority today.”

Con caravana, dueños se manifiestan para exigir reapertura de bares en BCS


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