At least 5 people killed by rains and floods in Tabasco and Chiapas


Chiapas authorities reported the death of four people “due to a landslide on a house in the Pajaltón community of the municipality of Chamula,” as a result of the rains associated with Frontal Systems 4 and 5 and the Tropical Storm Gamma.

“There are effects in six regions and 29 municipalities, with the registry of eight collapsed houses, 162 uninhabitable and 367 affected; as well as damage to an initial education school (preschool), 137 communication routes (state and federal rural highway sections), a vehicular and pedestrian bridge, 11 sections of the potable water pipe network, a total of 1,760 linear meters; and 10 electric power network shortages, ”said Civil Protection of Chiapas on Saturday night, in a statement.

In the case of Tabasco, the intense rains and floods in recent days have left  589,536 people affected and at least one dead reported the State Civil Protection Institute (IPCET).

In a report on Saturday night, Jorge Mier and Terán Suárez, IPCET coordinator, said that these rains caused by cold front number 4 are expected to continue in the coming days.

According to Civil Protection data, the rains and floods have hit 589 thousand 536 people from 367 communities in 13 municipalities of the state. As of Saturday, 28 shelters are registered throughout the state.

In Jalapa, the death of a person who tried to cross on horseback in a flooded area was recorded .

Regarding the overflow of the Carrizal and Grijalva rivers , the two main tributaries that cross the Tabasco capital, Civil Protection said that only the second alert phase, but not an emergency one.

The institute said that derived from the runoff from the Peñitas dam, the alert should continue in Cunduacán, Jalpa de Méndez, and Nacajuca, due to the gradual increase in the Samaria River.

The authorities added that the trajectory of tropical storm “Gamma” is being monitored promptly, which they foresee to degrade when it makes landfall, but which could cause rain to Tabasco on Wednesday and Thursday as it crosses the Gulf of Mexico.

Tabasco issued an Emergency Declaration on Friday in the 17 municipalities of the entity , for which prevention and aid actions were undertaken.

The state Secretary of Education canceled classes until Friday, October 9. The Ministry of Health, for its part, reported that care for sick people with COVID-19 would be maintained .What we do at Animal Político requires professional journalists, teamwork, maintaining a dialogue with readers and something very important: independence. You can help us continue. Be part of the team.

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