Cancun welcomes flights from Paris despite being in midst of a Covid-19 outbreak


The Paris authorities have decreed a maximum alert for the cases of Covid-19, but Quintana Roo “receives them with open arms”

In the midst of an outbreak of Covid-19 cases in Paris, the government of the state of Quintana Roo, headed by Carlos Joaquín, allowed direct flights between Cancun and the French capital since this weekend, despite the risks that this may represent.

The president boasted on his social networks the arrival of this Air France flight with 282 passengers of different nationalities such as France, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Romania, Tunisia, and China.

The state spokesman, Carlos Orvañanos, specified that Quintana Roo receives passengers with open arms , although there have already been some partial closures in different European cities due to outbreaks of the virus.

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“Today we give the warmest welcome to all the passengers arriving on the Air France flight from Paris to our city of Cancun, we welcome them and remind them that it is important to maintain a healthy distance and the use of face masks while they remain in our destiny ”, he highlighted in a video published on his social networks.

Aware that this opening of international flights could have consequences for the entity, Governor Carlos Joaquín reported that there will be a relaunch of help and support programs to prevent infections and to accustom more people to preventive actions against the virus.

It should be noted that the first cases of Covid-19 that were registered in Mexico during February and March, were of people who arrived in the country from Europe.

airportsParis is on alert for the rebound in Covid-19 cases. / Courtesy state government

The entity is classified by the Federal Government as an orange traffic light, that is, with risk, although the state administration insists on maintaining the yellow traffic light, with which more activities are allowed and the resumption of different tourist activities.

With a cut to October 5, in Quintana Roo 1,687 people have died due to Covid-19, there are 995 people in social isolation and 260 hospitalized.

“The return of Air France represents the return of a great ally and an important international connection. Departures from Paris airport, where Air France is based, connect us with Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and this allows travelers from different countries to make connections and reach our airport in Cancun. Welcome Air France, we hope that the route will be very successful as it was until a few months ago, ”said Darío Flota, general director of the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council.


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