Illegal billboards removed across Cancun


Cancun, QR, October 2, 2020.-  More than a thousand illegal advertisements on public roads have been removed through the application of cleaning operations of the urban image, by the General Directorate of Urban Development, said the secretary Municipal Ecology and Urban Development, Armando Lara de Nigris.

He recalled that due to the pandemic, the operations of constant cleaning of the urban image of the city were stopped since the inspectors in charge of the work paused their activities as a measure to prevent contagion by COVID-19, to safeguard their health and that of their families.

Lara de Nigris affirmed that during the month of August these works were resumed to remove posters, billboards, and different types of advertising that do not have municipal permits and that are placed both on public roads and in the streets.

In addition, he explained that in compliance with the Regulations for Ads and Publicity of the Municipality of Benito Juárez, in two years of administration, more than a thousand panoramic ads have been removed that did not have the corresponding permits or were on public roads without authorization.

“During the pandemic and with the decrease in mobility in the municipality, the number of advertisements on public roads decreased, however, in the face of the economic reactivation of the state, recently merchants resumed this bad practice of placing their signs on streets and sidewalks ”, he asserted.

Likewise, he urged the public to denounce any advertising that is obstructing the public highway or that represents a risk to the physical integrity of the people who pass through the area.

The contact channels for these complaints are through the Secretariat’s Facebook page: @DireccionDesarrolloUrbano and the City Council: @AytoCancun or by phone: 881-2800 ext. 3000.

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