Four people arrested with false peso bills in Aguascalientes


Three women from Mexico City wanted to pay for a hotel stay and consumption at a bar with the apocryphal bills.

Aguascalientes, Mexico (October 1st, 2020).- “In less than 24 hours four people were arrested in this city for carrying and using counterfeit 200 and 500 peso bills”, reported the Municipal Public Security Secretariat.

Three women from Mexico City wanted to pay for the services of a hotel where they had stayed, and a man who was with them for the consumption he had made in a bar with the apocryphal bills.

The women had in their possession more than 312 bills of the 200 peso denomination, adding up to a total of 62,200 false pesos, when they were reported by the manager of the Hotel San Marcos, located in Colonia Obraje, who notices the bills were false.

When conducting a search, the police found them wads of apocryphal bills, so the three suspects: Tania “N”, 32, Rubí “N”, 22 years old, and Laura “N”, 30 years old, were placed under the custody of the General Prosecutor of the Republic.

On Wednesday, September 30th, at the Bar “La Curita”, located in downtown Aguascalientes, public security agents arrested Ramiro “N”, 50, when he tried to pay for his consumption with a false 500 peso bill.

The SSP pointed out that the individual was found two counterfeit bills of 500 pesos and one of 200 pesos, for which it was made available to the federal Public Ministry, to determine his legal situation.

Source: El Universal

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