Quadruplets are born in La Paz, BCS two are identical twins


Three boys and one girl were the result of a multiple pregnancy by in vitro fertilization.

In the midst of the health emergency that is experienced by Covid-19, the General Hospital of Zone with Family Medicine (HGZ / MF) No. 1, of La Paz, Baja California Sur, saw its first birth of quadruplets on record. And the best part is that all are in optimal health conditions.

“Three boys and a girl were the results of multiple pregnancies that occurred through in vitro fertilization by embryo transfer,” explained Jessica Pellegrini, a gynecologist, and obstetrician at the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Baja California Sur.

The babies weighed between one kilo 200 and one kilo 800 grams; at birth, they all breathed and cried normally. 

Jessica Pellegrine stated that these types of pregnancies are classified as high risk, so major complications may occur, however, the pediatric team at HGZ / MF No. 1 acted in a timely manner. 

For her part, Yessenia, mother of the quadruplets, explained that she underwent a fertilization treatment, since her dream was to be the mother of a girl or a boy, and this was fulfilled in a quadruple way when she gave birth to one female and three male healthy babies. 

Despite the fact that three eggs were implanted, one of these doubled, so that two of the quadruplets are identical twins. 

He commented that, from the fourth month of pregnancy, it was necessary to have complete rest. Babies at 32 weeks’ gestation are stable; the girl has already been discharged.

Yessenia appreciated the care provided by the doctors, nurses, and other health personnel, who attended her during the delivery. 

It should be noted that it is the first multiple birth that is registered this year in the General Hospital of Zone with Family Medicine No. 1.

Source: Excelsior

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