Monterrey citizens ignore health measures during the pandemic


Children ‘abound’ in the streets of Monterrey

Monterrey Nuevo Leon.- After the announcement of the increase in capacity in some establishments, dozens of people were seen in Paseo Morelos, however, what stood out the most among them was that they had children under 12 years of age and even babies with them. 


In a tour that the ABC Noticias team made through this area, it was observed that the flow of people increased and despite the fact that it has been said that children under 12 should not go out, the people of Monterrey ignored this measure. 

Although minors cannot enter the establishments, some people went as a family and while one of the adults entered the establishment, the other stayed outside taking care of the minors. 


For his part, the Secretary of State Health, Manuel de La O, indicated that he would speak with the mayor of Monterrey, Adrián de la Garza, so that, with the help of the Regia Police, these situations could be avoided. 

“I’m going to talk to the mayor, to help me with his police so that he can also carry out operations and help us control the people who are there and who are in the mall as well and that many of them do not wear face masks, ” said De the O. 

He added that the Ministry of Health will also send its staff, but that everyone’s help is needed. 

“All the mayors and mayors help us a lot and I think they can help us more, they ask us in the neighborhoods to tell the mayors, including the governor, we all have to do synergy,” said the Secretary. 


Last Thursday, the State Government in coordination with the Ministry of Health, agreed to increase the capacity of shopping malls, departmental establishments, event halls, gyms, casinos, among other issues, due to the drop that has occurred in cases of covid.


Monterrey Daily Post