Cartel war in Zacatecas leaves death, destruction and fear among the population


Ricardo Barrón Guzmán is the last name in a long and sad list: that of assassinated police officers in Mexico .The death, on Saturday, September 19th, of the director of the Juan Aldama headquarters, Zacatecas , at the hands of an armed group was just the beginning of the attack that continued across the state.

Barrón Guzmán was shot at 08:30 AM, on September 19, by alleged hitmen of the Sinaloa Cartel , while he was at the Police Headquarters. According to reports, a subordinate also lost his life in the attack.After an attack on the Juan Aldama headquarters, Zacatecas, 11 municipal police officers have not shown up for work, reported the Secretary of Public Security, Arturo López Bazán (Photo: Twitter / GHOSTDEVIIL)After an attack on the Juan Aldama headquarters, Zacatecas, 11 municipal police officers have not shown up for work, reported the Secretary of Public Security, Arturo López Bazán (Photo: Twitter / GHOSTDEVIIL)

The tragic events continued with the death of a police officer from that same municipality. His body was found on a dirt road with a message that says: “This happened to me for supporting kidnapping and extortion. My director gave me the order to pass information to the CJNG. Signed by the Sinaloa Cartel ”.

The warning, disseminated through citizen complaint accounts, continued: “Any element that cooperates with kidnappers and extortionists such as the CJNG and the Gulf Cartel , this will be its outcome in the squares governed by Mr. May Zambada. They will continue working to have peace, since Zacatecas is MZ territory ”.

Also in the Juan Aldama region, a woman, who was identified as a member of the Preventive Police, was kidnapped by an armed commando. Shortly after, she was rescued by agents of the SSP.

Due to this fact, alleged hitmen of the Sinaloa Cartel stated: “People of Zacatecas: your state police serves the CJNG and CDG. ”.(Photo: twitter / ALERTACODIGORED)

On Thursday, September 24th, the release of three police officers from the municipality of Jérez (Zacatecas) who had been illegally deprived of their liberty, after a confrontation, was announced.

The officers were tortured during the days they were held captive. According to reports, the kidnapping occurred when they were walking down a street in the Lomas Bizcainas neighborhood.A group identified as part of the CJNG launched threats at Mayo Zambada.

However, the episodes of violence and abuse, documented by recordings and more than a dozen messages, have a background that goes beyond the situation that the state is currently facing.

According to the authorities, it is about the dispute between the Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación cartels, which seek control of Zacatecas.

Look (Ismael) Mayo Zambada, this statement is for you, you dirty old man, thief. Don’t you have a lot of money? Haven’t you gotten tired of stealing in Durango and Sinaloa? You came here to Rancho Grande to steal a cigarette trailer and you sent your filthy bitches to sue us. Don’t mess with the government, learn to work. We respect the entire government. Why did you kidnap the police in Jerez and why did you kill the police in Juan Aldama? Cut the crap, they are pure innocent people. You are already asking the DEA for a stoppage,” said a man wearing the initials CJNG on a video.

The narco message continued: “We have men in Huazamota (Durango), that are going to “kick your hat”. And you “Mudo”, “Azteca”, and “Flecha”, I have well located now, so watch your back. Remember the state of Zacatecas is a four-letter state, Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel ”, warns the subject with his face covered with a ski mask and guarded by at least four gunmen.

Zacatecas has a geographic location that has made it a highly coveted area for drug trafficking, as it connects the Pacific with the border with the United States. According to the authorities, for a year the alerts were set in the entity before the intense war between the CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel for the production and commercialization of opioids.

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