Bus accident leaves 12 dead and 20 injured in Chiapas


The first reports indicate that it is a public transport bus that covered the Tuxtla Gutiérrez-Motozintla route.

Mapa de Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas a Motozintla, Chiapas

At least 12 people dead and 20 injured is the balance left by an accident on the La Trinitaria-Chamic road section, at Km 204 + 300, a place known as La Campana, as stated in the preliminary official report of Civil Protection of the Chiapas state.

The first reports indicate that it is a public transport bus (TPA) that covered the Tuxtla Gutiérrez- Motozintla route, according to preliminary data, there are twelve people dead and 10 injured, the events occurred during the early hours of this Monday.

Volcadura de autobús en autopista de Chiapas deja 12 muertos - Estados - La  Jornada

In the place are police corporations and rescue bodies, in the same way, it was reported that the possible cause of the accident was due to the heavy rains registered during the night and early morning today.

For this reason, it appears that the driver lost control of the unit and crashed sideways against a part of the rocky hill.

At the edge of 6:00 am, emergency personnel went to the site to care for the victims. Several ambulance-type units and pick-up trucks served to transport the people, who were taken to nearby hospitals and the municipality of Comitán.

According to the data provided, the unit with number 2030 covered the Tuxtla Gutiérrez-Motozintla route, most of the victims and the 20 injured were originally from the Municipality of Chicomuselo, Frontera Comalapa, Trinidad, and the Paso Hondo community.

Authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office lifted the bodies to be transferred to the regional Forensic Medical Service for the necropsy established by law.

In a statement, the FGE reported that due to the unfortunate events, a corresponding investigation folder has already been initiated to find out the causes of the accident.

List of people who were injured:

1. – William Alexander “N, 34 years old

2. – Aníbal “N”, 38 years old

3.- Geovana Lizbeth “N”

4.- Roberto “N” 58 years old

5.- José Emmanuel “N”, 28 years old

6.- Ernestina “N”, 68 years old

7.-Alan “N”

8.- Sonia Yadira, 26 years old

9.- Jade Guadalupe “N”, 5 years old

10.- Leonarda “N”, 42 years old

11.-Marcela “N”, 22 years old

12.- Leydi “N”, 13 years old

13.-Alexis “N”, 13 years old

14.- Fredy Lucio “N”

15.- Rosa Neiva “N”, 33 years old

16.-Guadalupe Concepción “N”, 52 years old

17.- Estela “N”, 49 years old

18.-Maily “N” de 34 años

19.- Sweet “N” of 10 years

20.- Clemencia María “N”, 69 years old

In addition, there is a male person who is unknown because he could not disclose his data.

Source: diariodelsur.com.mx

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