Mazatlan is not given resources to become an important port says Leovi Carranza


The Mazatlan businessman urges the modernization of the port

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For the Mazatlan businessman Leovigildo Carranza, dredging of the port of Mazatlán is urgently needed, and that the federal authority allocates the necessary resources to the Integral Port Administration (API) of Mazatlán to make this possible.

Puerto de Mazatlán en México se prepara para cuadruplicar su capacidad -  MundoMaritimo

“I think they don’t give the necessary resources (to the API) so that there is an important port,” he stated.

“We have to do things and convince them and show them and make them realize what it is, because as long as they don’t come they and realize the problems they won’t be interested,” said the owner of Pinsa.

José Eduvigildo Carranza founded one of the most emblematic tuna companies in the country.


Today it is the most important tuna packing plant in the country. It has a market share of 54% and contributes 10% to the country’s exports of canned and frozen tuna products. It also exports a high-quality product such as tuna loin to five European countries.

Grupo Pinsa is 100% Mexican and generates more than 4,600 jobs; Its main distribution channels are wholesalers and retailers (retail), which share sales 50-50. In the wholesale channel, the company is the undisputed leader, with a share of 80%.

Modernization of the port is integral to the continued growth of Mazatlan


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