Cancun celebrates the international day of peace


Cancun, Quintana Roo, September 21, 2020. – Planting a tree, donating blood, promoting values, is part of educating in a culture of peace, as the Technological University of Cancun BIS has been promoting for four years, through the leadership of its rector, Maestro Julián Aguilar Estrada, and the staff that make up this school, who this day commemorated the International Day and the First State Day of Peace with a series of activities.

The UT Cancun BIS, said the rector, is an institution committed to educating in a culture of peace and therefore the University does everything possible to symbolize peace with different actions; promoting a physical, mental and spiritual peace that students are able to replicate in their environment and thus have a better society.

To the directive, administrative and teaching staff, he asked them to commit themselves and take in their hands, mind, and heart “the great responsibility, first of challenging ourselves every day so that we live calmly and in peace despite what happens; but, also, that we assume the great responsibility that we have approximately 3,200 students for this period, who have come to our university to train with us and, once they decided to enroll and we accept them, we are making an unwritten pact, that it is our responsibility to help them to be replicators of the culture of peace that we promote from the University ”.

To those attending the commemoration of this event, Aguilar Estrada expressed the firm commitment that UT Cancun BIS has to build a better society, which can be achieved with the example that is given by all who are part of the family UT Cancun BIS; because there is nothing better than living in peace.

“Every day we should strengthen tranquility and peace; however, it is very good that there is a special day of reflection, analysis, and setting of new goals, where humanity, in general, can acclaim that peace prevails on Earth and we here at the University make the efforts that are in our hands to symbolize through the Pole of Peace and also with actions every day ”, Aguilar Estrada pointed out.

In the company of the peace promoters of various organizations such as Mercedes Ojeda, Miguel Morales, and Miriam Rivera, as well as Antonio Molpeceres, resident coordinator of the United Nations System in Mexico, José Pablo Quiñones, of the Jornada de Derechos Humanos AC, and Kit Bing Wong, governor of District 4195 of the Rotary Club, the rector, and directive and administrative staff of the UT Cancun BIS, made a prayer of peace, asking that it remain throughout the world, in Quintana Roo, in each of its municipalities and, of course, in this house of studies, which for almost a year has had its Polo de la Paz.

The commemoration of the International Day of Peace and the First State Day of Peace was adorned by the members of the dance and song workshop, who with their harmonious movements generated an atmosphere of peace and joy among the attendees, who also included with the presence of the businessman Eloy Peniche and Julián Florescano on behalf of the Benito Juárez City Council.

During the activities of this important day, the agreement was signed with the Technological Institute of Carrillo Puerto and that of the Technological University of Izamal, having their rectors as representatives of the commitment they acquire to join forces to make peace possible. which is an opportunity to raise awareness and reflect on what each one can do to live in peace and harmony, promoting these actions among the university community to achieve a better society.

Likewise, there was a virtual message from the president of the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Ekaterina Zagladina; by Courtney Bale, United States Consul for the Yucatan Peninsula, and Vanesa Bauche, Founding President of the National Center for the Culture of Peace.

The event concluded with a keynote address by Antonio Molpeceres, representative of the United Nations System in Mexico, in which he presented the work being carried out on peace issues based on the 2030 agenda.

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