* Meet the Zizi family, they travel in a fire truck converted into a motor home

* They started their adventure in December 2017, now they are heading to Central America

Could you leave your life behind to make your greatest dream come true? The Zizi family originally from Paris France did it and below we will tell you the story of how through a fire truck adapted to a motor home they have traveled more than nine countries and two continents.

Sofia and Marco Zizi had always dreamed of traveling the world with their children, but their personal and professional lives did not allow it until one day they simply quit their jobs and began an adventure that would mark the rest of their lives.

“This is a dream that had always been present in us, but we were too busy building our professional careers and our family life that we had never had time to carry out this project.”

They began their adventure in December 2017 touring the world in “La gazelle autour du monde” in Spanish “the gazelle around the world”, that’s what they call their yellow fire truck turned into a motor home.

Marco Zizi explained that one of the things that motivated him the most to undertake the trip was spending time with his family.

“You know, the most important thing is the family, I worked a lot like my wife and we hardly had time to be together; we work to live but we forget to live, family is the most important thing ”.

They have traveled more than 36 thousand kilometers through Europe through 9 different countries during nine months, among which are France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, among others.

After finishing their tour of Europe they decided to continue and get to know the American continent.
They toured Canada and the United States, now he is in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, but his journey continues to Central and South America.

“The biggest challenge is learning to live differently. We went from living in a big house to a 20 square meter truck and being together 24 hours a day in this small space, ”said Sofía.

Sarah and Nathan Zizi aged 16 and 14 respectively have not dropped out of school, in a way they study online through a special program available in France.

They thank their parents for taking them to explore the real world and discover other cultures.

“I think I’m very lucky, I like to know new cultures and explain the world,” says Sarah.

This nomadic family says they do not have a set schedule for the trip. They know where they want to go, but they don’t decide how many days they will stay.

In their mind is the possibility of not returning to France but they will decide if they start again in another country to live their culture, speak their language, and meet new friends.


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