Soldiers find 400 kilos of crystal in Sonora


Members of the Fourth Military Zone were conducting ground reconnaissance in the application of the 2018-2024 Peace and Security Plan when they discovered an abandoned truck loaded with drugs

Elements of the Mexican Army found 400 kilograms of methamphetamine that drug traffickers abandoned in a dirt gap in Opodepe, a municipality that criminal groups go through to circumvent the military checkpoint in Querobabi, one of the most modern vehicle checkpoints in the northwest of the country.

In a press release, the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) reported that the troops assigned to the Fourth Military Zone were carrying out land reconnaissance work in the application of the 2018-2024 Peace and Security Plan, when they discovered an abandoned truck loaded with the drug packages.

“The events occurred at the time that personnel belonging to the 60th Infantry Battalion was conducting ground reconnaissance in the municipality of Opodepe, locating an abandoned white truck, with no report of theft; Later, the vehicle was inspected, finding on board approximately 400 containers, which contained a white granulated substance, with the characteristics of methamphetamine (crystal), weighing more than half a ton ” says the document.

The insured vehicle and substance were placed at the disposal of the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry of the Attorney General of the Republic, for their chemical opinion and weighing.

According to a DEA report, a pound of methamphetamine in Arizona sells for up to $ 8,000, meaning a 400-pound shipment could easily be worth $ 6,400,000 once it crosses the border into the U.S. U.S.

The breaches in the municipality of Opodepe are used to circumvent the Querobabi Military Security Post, the most modern in northwestern Sonora.


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