San Miguel de Allende new underpass finished in record time


The underpass represents the most important road infrastructure work in the history of the municipality, it required about 19 months of planning and management

The Work of the underpass ‘El Pípila’ in San Miguel de Allende will be achieved in record time, standing out for its planning and organization, as it will bring a series of future benefits such as economic growth, tourism, and human development. This was declared by the municipal president, Luis Alberto Villareal. 

“With an investment of 326 million pesos, La Obra del Paso Deprimido” El Pípila “will transform mobility in the municipality, actions that only” are achieved when working as a team and when the will and dreams go far beyond wanting to get things done, “he said.

He highlighted the constant monitoring of the State Government, the resource comes from the Payroll Tax (ISN) that will improve access to the city through fast and safe transfers; Therefore, this investment is the result of the efforts of Guanajuato translated into quality projects.

This work consists of the construction of a vehicular underpass with a length greater than 500 meters, 2 lanes in each direction in 2 bodies, and a road width of 13.60 meters that includes urbanization, lateral roads, and services, since it contemplates the relocation of facilities electric and hydraulic systems in the area, a new urban image and a modern surveillance system in favor of the residents of San Miguel.

It addresses the commitment to generate more and better infrastructure for the people and, as Mayor Villarreal García has committed, prioritizing the pedestrian, cyclist citizen, and people with disabilities.

From the beginning of its construction, meetings are constant to monitor the progress between the municipal president and the State Government chaired by Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, through the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Connectivity, and Mobility (SICOM); In the meetings, there is also the participation of residents of the area.

The depressed passage represents the most important road infrastructure work in the history of the municipality, therefore, it required about 19 months of planning and management before starting its construction, this was announced by the municipal president.

“The importance of this project lies in the reduction of transfers. Previously, the roundabout caused road stagnation for long periods, which affected travel times, in short, with environmental contamination; these and other problems will be resolved,” added Villarreal García.

Also, during the supervisions, he stressed that some of the discomforts generated are reasonable and natural due to the magnitude of La Obra, however, “they are temporary and, once concluded, the benefit will be permanent.”


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