Map and cases of coronavirus in Mexico by states September 16, 2020


The Mexican Republic is close to 680 thousand infections by coronavirus COVID-19, a virus that has already claimed the lives of more than 70 thousand people in our country.

Mexico is fully adapting to the so-called new normal. In most of the states of the Republic the number of assets estimated by COVID-19 is decreasing, but still with a slow de-escalation. Despite this, due to the nature of the season and the behavior of the infection, it is expected that there will be a regrowth in October. The official recommendations are very similar to those offered since the beginning of the pandemic in our country, such as staying at home for as long as possible, a healthy distance, hand washing and disinfection of areas or objects of common use, all of this to avoid possible regrowth.

Map and cases of coronavirus in Mexico by states today, September 16

In general figures, the Mexican Republic has suffered about 680 thousand positive for COVID-19, a virus that has already claimed the lives of more than 70 thousand people, according to the most recently presented figures by the same Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico, corresponding to the cutoff of Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

71,678 deaths with a 10.6% fatality rate

In Mexico, 71,678 victims of the new coronavirus have died, overcoming the ‘catastrophic’ scenario that the Government of Mexico had foreseen of 60 thousand deaths. The fatality rate is 10.6%, well above the world average reported by the World Health Organization, corresponding to 3.2%. In terms of deaths, Mexico is the country number four in the world that has recorded the most deaths, above China, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Sweden, among others; and below the United States, Brazil and India.

Suman 71 mil 678 muertes por coronavirus en México; hay 676 mil 487 casos. (Especial)
covid deaths

Positive Cases and Deaths of Coronavirus by State as of September 16

Federal entityAccumulatedDeathsEstimated assets
Mexico City113,11811,3186,942
Mexico state74,8948,7943,448
New Leon34,4702,7042,635
San Luis Potosi21,0221,444986
Baja California Sur9,070423901
Baja California18,3603,322618
Quintana Roo11,1401,537365

676,487 accumulated cases with 35,263 estimated assets

In confirmed accumulated cases, the Mexican Republic registers 676,487 positives. Of these accumulated, 5.21% (35,263 cases) are considered as estimated assets, that is, they represent the population currently sick with COVID-19, which is at a higher risk of contagion for third parties and whose symptoms were registered in the recent 14 days.

71% of cases have recovered satisfactorily

According to information from the Ministry of Health, officially 481,068 cases have been successfully recovered, which represents 71% of the total confirmed cases to date.

Map of Coronavirus in Mexico by states

Here you can see the interactive map by states offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here .

Map of coronavirus in Mexico by municipalities

Here you can see the interactive map by municipalities offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here.

Cases decrease in CDMX and the State of Mexico

The center of the country is the one that has suffered the most damage from the coronavirus outbreak, but in recent weeks there have been active cases on the decline, although with a slow de-escalation. In Mexico City there have been 113,118 positive cases, 11,318 deaths and currently it is estimated that it is home to 6,942 people with the active disease. The Mexican entity is the second with the highest attention, as it reports 74,894 accumulated infections, 8,794 deaths and has 3,448 estimated active cases. Between both states, they host a third of the national cases.

8 more states exceed an estimated 1,000 active infections

In addition to the State of Mexico and Mexico City, eight entities exceed a thousand active infections. Those currently receiving the most attention are Nuevo León (2,635), Guanajuato (2,548), and Jalisco (1,810).

Infografía: Jovani Pérez


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