Egypt interested in Mexican agricultural exchange with Sinaloa


Senator Mario Zamora Gastélum led a meeting with the Egyptian ambassador to Mexico, Khaled Abdelrahman Shamaa, where a prior agreement was established for the possible importation of products and technologies, as well as the exchange of knowledge on Mexican agriculture.

The president of the Agrarian Reform Commission in the Chamber of Senators said that the representative of the Arab republic recognized the interest that his country has in the agricultural issue, mainly in terms of technology, irrigation systems, planting, harvesting, packaging, and production of live cattle, specifically from the state, Sinaloa.

Accompanied by a group of senators, members of the same commission, the legislator indicated that in this meeting it was agreed to carry out a work tour to further strengthen the ties of friendship between both countries, but also to know and identify the value of activities related to agriculture, livestock and technological systems, with a view to a possible importation.

The senators, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruíz, Alejandra del Carmen León Gastélum, and Ovidio Salvador Peralta Suárez, who also participated in this exchange of topics of mutual interest and possible forms of cooperation, were present at said meeting.


The Mazatlan Post