Mazatlan entrepreneurs have decided to leave, close businesses, and reopen in a few years


They warn that the outlook for the sector is critical, and a reflection is that a well-known fast-food brand has already announced the closure of its establishments in Mazatlán because it does not have solvency.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The outlook for the commercial sector of Mazatlán is not at all encouraging and even in this month of September a business closure is expected because there are no sales and without recourse, you cannot pay rents or workers, he lamented Jesus Rafael Sandoval Gaxiola.  

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism, Mazatlán delegation admitted that, due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, the situation for the sector is critical because it does not have the capacity of people in business as before.  

In fact, a well-known international company has already announced the closure of its establishments here in the municipality because it does not have the solvency to continue operating.  

“The critical question comes now in this month of September, right now we saw the announcement of a closure of an international company such as McDonald’s; then, hopefully, and just be that company and do not add others that come to close. 

“… but we see a panorama right now in shopping malls where income is well above the market,” he said.   

The business chamber leader revealed that some businessmen from Durango, and from other states of the Northern Economic Corridor, including the locality, have decided better to close their businesses and reopen them in two or three more years so as not to continue losing money.  

“We had a visit to Durango recently, and some businessmen told me that they have had businesses here in Mazatlán, in Galerías and have left them, he says. We left him on time, Jesus, a little before the pandemic, but the truth is that the situation has not been good for any business and now with the pandemic, its the coup de grace, “he said.  

The president of Canaco Mazatlán, foresees that from now on 10 percent of the businesses in the town will be forced to ‘lower their curtains’, especially in commercial squares because they will not get to pay rents, employees and make a profit.


The Mazatlan Post