Intensive reforestation works begin in El Carmen, San Ignacio, Sinaloa


Members of the community nursery were able to plant nearly 300 huanacaxtle and haba trees in one day.

San Ignacio, Sinaloa.- Last May, the group made up of twelve people, began with the collection, planting, and care of the seed of eleven species of the region such as; venadillo, huanacaxtle, ebony, apomo, yellow rose, broad bean, pink amapa, guasima, cosquilleo, sapote and tepemexquite in the community of El Carmen, San Ignacio, Sinaloa.

Marisol Amador Medina, director of the Meseta de Cacaxtla Flora and Fauna Protection Area, visited the community nursery located in the Jaguar Biology Station in the community of Carmen, which is directed by researcher Yamel Rubio Rocha from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa .

This project culminates next November and the members have done a great job, they have planted a total of 5,130 seeds of different species which resulted in 2,668 plants germinated to date. In addition, six trays of 54 trees each have been donated, including huanacaxtle, broad bean, amapa and venadillo.

The biologist mentioned that in the Plateau, the main vegetation is the low deciduous forest, which is very important at the national level because different species of flora and fauna are housed in it.

He also pointed out that the species that are reproducing in this nursery will help to reforest more places where this type of vegetation is not present, since it is important because it serves as food, nesting, reproduction, and shelter for wild species that are kept in that nursery.

She added that within the Meseta area, there are two nurseries, one in Dimas where the managers have their own ecological park and reforestation in schools and places where they are necessary.

Another is located in the town of Los Llanitos belonging to Mazatlán, where, together with the town of Mármol, they also carry out reforestation work.

This project is very good, since the restoration of the ecosystems of the low deciduous forest is done, which is very important.

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For his part, the UAS biologist, Gerardo Espinoza Evans, who has served as support in these works, pointed out that one of the importance of enrichment of the area or reforestation is the problem that is being experienced by the coronavirus, since scientifically it has been proven that it is the result of defragmentation of flora and fauna in different areas of the world.

For this reason, he said that today they are so concerned about the reforestation of this area and that more than doing it with regional plants that apart from being beautiful, support families in the region with their fruits.

“We have to look for different strategies, because many people depend economically on rich species in wood. There is a serious logging problem, which in reality is not a problem but a need that exists in the communities, that is why we invite the families of the neighboring communities of Carmen, to join these activities by adopting plants and helping to enrich the area to continue producing regional trees ” concluded Espinoza Evans.

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