Mexico LGBT activists protest the FGR for murders against the community


After the murder of the activist Mireya Rodríguez Lemus, members of the LGBT community protested before the Attorney General’s Office

A score of activists from the LGBT collective cut off Insurgentes Avenue in Mexico City, near a headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office, asking to be treated by the authorities to demand justice for the recent murders against the community.

Trans activist Mireya Rodríguez Lemus was found dead this Wednesday at her home in the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua, bringing the number of murders of members of the LGBT community to six in the last two months.

The gay activists Jonathan Santos, in the state of Jalisco, and Javier Eduardo Pérez, in the state of Morelos, and the trans activists Samanta Barrios, in Puebla; Jeanine Huerta, in Baja California, and Brandy Ronzón Huerta, in Veracruz.

That is why LGBT organizations met this Thursday to demand justice and express their exhaustion at this wave of hate crimes about which, they said, the authorities have not made sufficient efforts to clarify.

“We are already tired. This week there was a wave of assassinations of various activists across Latin America (…) We are tired of them always making us invisible, making it clear that we have no family and no one claims the bodies. We suffer invisibility and criminalization through the institutions, ”Kenya Cuevas, trans activist, and director of the Casa de Muñecas Tiresias association, told Efe.

For this reason, she and her colleagues quickly stopped the trafficking and demanded to speak with the relevant authorities to reach an agreement that benefits the rights and freedoms of both women and LGBT people.

Around twenty protesters were impassive in front of the traffic and even blocked the passage of several Metrobús urban transport vehicles, which has its own private lane, and did not move despite the protests of the drivers or small verbal confrontations with passers-by.

“We need to speak with a competent authority at the national level to give us a guarantee about this gender alert in these states where femicides or transfeminicides have been committed and to commit themselves, to urge the states to work together,” the activist asked visibly fed up.

Also present at the protest was the artist Fabián Cháirez, author of the controversial painting that draws the revolutionary Emiliano Zapata naked and in heels to vindicate LGBT rights.

For his part, he stressed the need for hate crimes against his community to be investigated to the end and for violence against diverse people to cease once and for all in Mexico.

“The LGBT population has fallen into exhaustion because we do not see clear actions by the government or a pronouncement. We need the institutions and governments to seek to clarify these hate crimes to give a message that we have their support and that work is being done around that, ”said the artist.

According to the organization Letter S, in the last five years, from 2015 to 2019, at least 441 people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) community were victims of homicidal violence, with the last year as the most violent of the lustrum with 117 murders.


The Mexico City Post