Huatulco, Oaxaca creates HuatulGo tourism cluster


Reactivating Huatulco’s economy and keeping jobs in the tourism sector, as much as possible, are some of the objectives of this initiative.

Tourism entrepreneurs from Huatulco, Oaxaca have created the tourism cluster called HuatulGO, which has the objective of promoting and reactivating the operation of this industry in the destination.

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This initiative is promoted by members of the private initiative of Huatulco and the Anglo Hispanomexicana University.

In which restaurant owners, hoteliers, travel agencies, guides, and tourist transport companies participate.

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And that, according to Alfredo Manzano, a member of HuatulGO, this is an initiative to reactivate the economy of Bahías de Huatulco.

“In addition to promoting the destination’s tourist offer, the objective is for employers to take actions to keep their employees.”  

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This, since the destination has lost just over 8 thousand jobs in tourism.

Alfredo Manzano highlighted that at this moment they are the least polluted beach tourist destination of the 15 beach destinations in the country.

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During the businessmen recognition ceremony, Igor Rojí, president of Pueblos Mágicos, was present.

Who stressed that the work of businessmen to preserve jobs in Huatulco and keep its economy alive.

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Huatulco promotion and safe beaches

Part of the HuatulGo campaign is to promote beaches, restaurants.

As well as the activities that can be done in Huatulco under all security measures and health protocols.

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With the launch of the HutulGO initiative, entrepreneurs recognized that a new cycle is coming.

So they will continue to promote until the destination is fully recovered.

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Already, the Ministry of Tourism has reported that, for the winter season, tourist destinations will receive twice as many tourists as they are now receiving.

Which, in the case of Huatulco, is currently 29.3 percent occupancy.

It should be noted that in this destination the mandatory use of face masks has been promoted.

Therefore, the person who does not use it will be fined at least 500 pesos or arrested for 36 hours or do community service to pay the fine.

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