Mexican passions: myths and facts about dating in Mexico


Everybody likes to have fun while traveling. That’s the point of traveling. And you can’t say you had a great time in some country if you haven’t dated somebody there. At least for a day. Since Mexico is a top-rated destination, you have to check out some myths and facts about dating there. You don’t want to look stupid while looking for a date. We’ll even show you the easy way to find a date in Mexico.

You need to know the dating etiquette of the country where you are traveling

Cultures are different, and you can’t expect your dating habits to be accepted everywhere in the world. It’s wise to research how dating works in the country you’re about to visit. 

One of the modern ways of dating in Mexico is through local dating sites and social platforms. You can check the reviews of Mexican dating sites collected here in advance so you can organize your trip more interestingly.

Is dating in Mexico conservative?

Like everywhere else in the world, there are conservative singles in Mexico and more relaxed singles. If you’re going to Mexico to have fun, you don’t want to meet conservative people. To make some passionate memories, you have to find relaxed, open-minded singles. Now we’ll show you something glorious – the way to save a ton of time and make your not-so-conservative date wait for you.

Men in Mexico are honest and decent

Ladies will be more than happy in Mexico. Or should we say more than satisfied? Why?

Because men in Mexico are honest and decent, but very passionate. They’ll make you feel special and fulfill all your wishes. The best way to learn about a country you’re visiting is to have a local guide. If that local guide is hot and passionate, but full of respect, you have a jackpot.

Where to meet singles in Mexico?

Mexico is full of beautiful people. They are everywhere. You can meet new people at every step. It all depends on your preferences and your social skills. Some people can meet new friends at funerals while some people can’t do it in clubs.

If you’re more like the second group of people, online dating should be your weapon of choice. You know you’re more relaxed in front of a screen than in front of a beautiful single with a hot accent and tanned skin. After some chatting online, it will be much easier to connect in person. Why wouldn’t you make sure you’ll have a date for holidays even before getting there? It’s a wise thing to do.

Men sing a serenade on a date: myth or truth?

One of the famous Mexican dating traditions is “la serenata”. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. A man comes under the window of the girl he likes and sings with mariachis until the girl decides to go out with him. Or until her family pours water on him. Then he leaves with the tail between his legs. You’ll most likely see and hear that while on vacation in Mexico.

Is there a chance to experience that romantic tradition on your skin? Will you feel those passionate melodies hit your heart? Of course. Maybe you won’t get the full mariachi experience, but if you go out on a date with a Mexican man, you’ll probably have a chance to enjoy the serenade. They aren’t shy so that you can expect a serenade in a bar or on the streets. Enjoy it while you’re there. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

Football instead of dating? Is it a myth that football is more important to Mexican men?

Football (soccer) is the way of life in Mexico. It connects people. It brings tears to their eyes. Sometimes those are tears of joy, sometimes tears of sadness. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you’ll be delighted by the atmosphere. Watching football in some bar while on vacation in Mexico is the way to breathe in the true tradition of that beautiful country.

Still, it doesn’t mean football beats everything. If you have a date, your men will show up and give his all to make it memorable. There will be more essential football games, but you might visit Mexico only once. They know that they won’t waste their chance. And you might fall in love with a man and a country so you’ll come back.

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