Hermosillo’s Mayor’s dad unauthorized drive on Puerto Peñasco beaches with his truck! (video)


A video on social networks shows the unauthorized entry of a truck on beaches of Puerto Peñasco, one of the occupants claims to be the father of the Mayor of Hermosillo, the Morenista Célida López

The father of the Mayor of HermosilloCélida López was caught entering a truck on the beach in Puerto Peñasco without permission, when he was detained by personnel from the Federal Maritime and Land Zone (Zofemat), he presumed to be the father of the morena Mayor.

When questioned by the Zofemat inspector, Amadeo López Inzunza, he said that he was taking a drive along the beach “because he had not been down for a shitload of time,” according to what was published by El Universal.

In the recording circulating on social networks, it can be seen that there are three men in the white double-cab van, even one of them is caught with a can of beer in his hand and drunk; while then the driver of the unit claims to be the father of Governor Claudia Pavlovich, but it was clarified by Mr. Amadeo. “I’m going to tell her that you sent greetings to my daughter Célida.”

Source: vanguardia.com.mx

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