Almost all of Mexico will be on a green light by October: these are the new official projections for COVID


A few days after the announcement of the new epidemiological traffic light in the country, in which practically all the states abandoned the red traffic light (with the exception of Colima) and ten states are already on a yellow traffic light, the new projection is that almost the entire country ends with the pandemic for the month of October.

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatellsaid so at the same conference in which he said that Mexico had already received the first doses of the influenza vaccine. At the rate, we are going, and according to the new projections, all states will be on a green light by November, so that educational activities can be resumed relatively normally.

Yellow traffic light

Up to three lagging states

It turns out that the projection is that half of the states in the country will be left with a green light for the first fortnight of October, while the other half will reach the same level for the second fortnight. There are very few states that will have to wait until November to be in optimal conditions to enter what is the lowest-risk state in the COVID pandemic.

“We have outlined based on mathematical projections that in October, roughly the first half of the states in the first fortnight, the second half in the second fortnight, and there are some, two or three states that will possibly go until November to reach the green traffic light to the extent that the traffic lights begin to be green, the educational space can be opened “

Hugo Lopez-Gatell

The three states that could be left behind were not disclosed. At the moment the only state that remains on a red traffic light is Colima. At the green light, all activities will be allowed, including school activities.


The Colima Post