VIDEO: Police detain a grasshopper vendor in Oaxaca; they toss her merchandise


According to witnesses, the woman was working on the street selling her grasshoppers when the police arrived violently to arrest her.

On social networks, a video from Oaxaca caused outrage in which Oaxaca municipal policemen were seen detaining a woman who works selling grasshoppers in the streets.

This occurred in the municipality of Miahuatlán of Porfirio Diaz and caused the annoyance online who criticize that they should leave ´people alone earning an honest living.

As reported, the event occurred on Benito Juárez Street, at the corner of Basilio Rojas Street in the aforementioned place in Oaxaca.

According to witnesses, the woman was working on the street selling her grasshoppers when the police came violently to arrest her.

Even in the struggle to take her they threw her merchandise 

The public demands punishment for abuse of authority shown by the police against the street vender who was working.

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