Oaxaca hotel offers space for virtual classes with internet and computers for students without these resources


The building was closed due to the pandemic, but now it offers Internet, television and computers to girls and boys to study; they ask for healthy distance and face masks

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The hotel in the city of Oaxaca offers free Internet, television, and computer services to girls, boys, and adolescents so that they can attend the “Learn at Home II” Program and complete their virtual instruction in the 2020-2021 school year.

The day before, through its social media accounts, the “Don Nino” hotel, located on Calle de Pino Suárez, near the historic center, invited students, who for various reasons do not have these tools, come to to the business and take advantage for FREE

Carlos, the administrator of the hotel, commented in an interview that the initiative arose within the family, “being at home, my daughters shared their concern for those students who do not have television or internet at the beginning of classes.”

And, it was they who had the idea of ​​the loan of equipment and furniture stopped for sanitary instructions. “Last weekend we conditioned the restaurant area and the meeting room (coworking), in addition, the television channels were adjusted and the Internet line was revised”.

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For users, the only condition is to correctly wear face masks and respect the healthy distance, so only 15 students will be received. In addition, the little ones must be accompanied by an adult.

“Here, upon entering, we will have to take their temperature and offer antibacterial gel,” he said.

Through the hotel’s profile on social networks, the administration released the invitation to the community on Tuesday of this week. A day later, two teenagers arrived, who appeared at the door to ask “Is it true that you can lend us a computer and the Internet?”

“It was very satisfying for my family to see them connect to a platform and take an online class,” he said.

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“The hotel-restaurant has the minimum equipment and furniture required for the children to occupy it. During this period of sanitary restrictions, we continue to pay for basic services: electricity, telephony, Internet, and water, so it is convenient to use it, and do not leave school due to lack of these tools, “he concluded.

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