Tropical Storm Hernan hits Cihuatlán with everything; the sea came out in Melaque


Streets of Cihuatlán have been invaded by raging tributaries after torrential rains left by the passage of Tropical Storm Hernán.

In videos that circulate on social networks and other facts reaching CPS news, it is appreciated how the streets have been affected, and the flooding rivers, threatening the routes that connect this municipality of Jalisco.

In Melaque the sea has risen due to the swell caused by the storm; the flood has reached the main square where you can see the pangas floating on the plate; In addition, damage to vehicles is reported.

Until now, there have been no human losses, although they have been able to witness the dragging of some people by the current without this situation becoming greater.

It attacks with fury the Ameca River; registers strong flood by Hernán

Ameca River

With great force, the flooding of the Ameca River attacks the El Colomo diversion dam in Bahía de Banderas Nayarit.

Although it has not yet reached critical levels, millions of cubic meters of water flow down from the mountains to finally reach the Bay.

This torrent and flood caused by recent rains, has caused havoc in the lower part where by slowing the flow of streams and channels, therefore, floods in colonies and subdivisions.

The Civil Protection authorities of the two municipalities carefully monitor possible changes in the levels to alert the population in case of any risk.

Landslide blocks road in San Sebastián del Oeste

Landslide in San Sebastián del Oeste

Civil Protection and Firefighters Jalisco personnel are carrying out the work in coordination with machinery to remove a landslide that covered the entire road in the municipality of San Sebastián del Oeste.

It was announced that from 07:00 hours the vehicles were trapped without being able to pass towards Mascota, the collapse is meters in front of the ranch where due to the rains that are registered, the land softened and collapsed, covering the entire road.

If you go towards these directions be careful, a temporary path was opened for cars to pass but you have to be careful.

Big storms are forecast in Vallarta and Bahia this Thursday

Tropical cyclones

Víctor Manuel Cornejo, head of the Meteorological Unit of the University Center of the Coast and member of the Scientific Committee for Civil Protection of the municipalities of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, reported that tropical depressions 13 and 14 could generate abundant storms this Thursday and Friday.

Meteorologist Cornejo indicated that the great hurricane Laura, which will hit the United States, will generate a surface drag , which will cause the meteorological systems of the Pacific to gradually approach the coast.

Especially for the southeastern states of Mexico, the intertropical convergence zone is very close , which will attract large amounts of rainfall. 

For this area of ​​the Bay of Banderas, he warned of two cyclones, which will gradually approach , now they are tropical depressions 13 and 14. 

“Then they will take their path that normally occurs as cyclones in this season, they will recur and gradually move away, therefore it is not contemplated to impact the coastal area.”

However, he pondered: “There is a tropical wave, low pressure systems attached to the coast, and without a doubt they are going to leave large amounts of water, from Chiapas to Nayarit


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