The offers in Mazatlan for covid tests is expanded; here are the prices


Clinical analysis laboratories make the two types of tests available to people: PCR and IGG

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- Currently, only two tests related to COVID-19 are carried out: those to detect if the patient is infected by the virus (PCR) and others to know if the individual’s body developed antibodies after having it contracted (Immune Test for IGG Antibodies).

Hospital Marina Mazatlán
Hospital Marina Mazatlán

Costs may vary between each private laboratory. Informative Reaction was given the task of consulting in Mazatlán in some of these clinical testing centers as well as the prices to the public and availability of tests.

Swab tests (PCR)

After consulting with some private establishments, only four laboratories were known that offer the COVID-19 detection test, the one that consists of introducing a swab into the individual’s nostrils and mouth. This is designated as the most reliable test and results can take two to four business days to be delivered. The prices obtained are the following:

  • Dignified Health: 1,300 pesos.
  • Sharp Hospital: 2,650 pesos.
  • Diagnostic Images: 2,680 pesos.
  • La Marina Hospital: 3,180 pesos.
  • Delia Barraza Laboratories: 3,250 pesos.

Antibody detection tests (IGG) / “Rapid tests”

The tests obtained from blood samples are for the detection of antibodies, this after the patient has contracted the virus. This type of test is also known as “Quick Tests” and the results can be delivered the same day of the application. The prices obtained are the following:

  • Dignified Health: From 150 to 430 pesos.
  • Chemist Benítez Torres Laboratorios Clínicos: 1,099 pesos in regular price, with an offer of 899 pesos.
  • Comprehensive Laboratory for Clinical Analysis: 950 pesos.
  • Delia Barraza: 960 pesos.
  • Silvia Laboratory: 1 thousand pesos.
  • QFB Teresita Sánchez Clinical Analysis Laboratory: 1,000 pesos.
  • Diagnostic Images: 1,100 pesos.
  • LO-SO Laboratory: 1,100 pesos in regular price, with an offer of 1,000 pesos.
  • La Marina Hospital: 1,200 pesos.
  • Sharp Hospital: 1,200 pesos.
  • Santa Mónica Laboratory: 1,200 pesos.
  • Canizalez Laboratory: 1,500 pesos in regular price, with an offer of 1,200 pesos.

It should be noted that within approximately 3 weeks, the Mazatlán City Council will have its covid testing center for vulnerable people in the city, where it will join the wide offer and at a more accessible cost.


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