Projects that have promoted urban development in Yucatan


Merida has become the economic pole of the south-southeast of the Mexican Republic this is due, in large part, to the urban development that both the private and public sectors have promoted through various projects.

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The city is attracting a lot of investors, this injection of capital translates into new jobs and, therefore, people moving to the state. This could result in the disorganized growth of cities, which involves problems such as lack of mobility, pollution, and unemployment. However, that will not be the situation that Yucatán will experience in the future, since actions are being implemented precisely to counteract the harmful effects of growth.

Faced with this quite encouraging outlook for Yucatán, that of organized demographic and economic growth, various projects have emerged that contribute to the same: improving living conditions in the state. A virtuous circle has been created in which both society and government contribute to the organized growth of the state.

Here are some projects that best represent what was mentioned above and that, in addition, represent an excellent opportunity for those who are looking to either start investing or diversify their portfolio.

Yucatan Science and Technology Park

This is, without a doubt, one of the projects that generate the most optimism in the state, and it is that the complex aims to be a focus of technological development for all of Latin America. The Science Park will be the headquarters of many companies, both national and international, as well as prestigious research centers, whose objective will be to develop knowledge that will improve the living conditions of the region.


Industrial parks

The industrial sector is another that has seen good numbers in terms of growth in recent years in the state. That is why various complexes have been developed that concentrate many companies in the industry.

These industrial parks are generally located a few kilometers from Mérida and represent a great opportunity for investors since they imply new needs for those who work there.

A good example of this is the Hunucmá Industrial Park, which seeks to be the country’s new industrial hub and is becoming the destination for many companies seeking to grow or establish themselves.

All these industrial developments involve great mobility of people, which is always an opportunity to grow your money.

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Sustainable growth

It is also important to point out that the growth of the state is being carried out in accordance with the Urban Development Plan , which seeks an orderly growth of the city to avoid the problems of large cities.

Among the measures that this plan contemplates is the prevention of deforestation in order to maintain the levels of contamination as has been done until now.

The growth of the state must be the product of many sectors of the population and the good news for Yucatan is that it is being done without neglecting the greatest attraction for its inhabitants: the excellent quality of life.

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In conclusion

Mérida has become the most important city in the south-southeast of Mexico which is why they are benefiting from large amounts of capital injection, both private and public, the effect of which will be to further accelerate the growth of Yucatan.

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The state has become an attractive place for investors, mainly because it has different projects, intelligently planned, which do not have as their sole mission the enrichment of a few, but rather seek to improve the general conditions of the region so that the benefit go ahead and be for everyone.

As a result of the above, various developments and projects have arisen that allow many more people to participate in the growth of the state. Find out which option is right for you to start building your wealth, there are opportunities for all budgets.

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