‘Expat Rebel’ video perfectly captures lockdown life in Merida


After receiving life-saving medical treatment in Merida, an expat from California is sharing what he knows, and what he sees, while exploring pandemic-era Yucatan.

Christopher Sherrod, an author and show host from the San Diego area, is an “Expat Rebel” with a video series about making the most of life abroad.

One recent video has Sherrod and his fiancée, Nan, roaming the Santa Ana area, where they encounter a shuttered bakery, a cordoned-off park, the sounds of nuns singing inside a closed church, and lonely streets. Giving up on his stroll after the heat makes his mandatory facemask intolerable, he takes a dip in his pool, which he calls an essential feature in a Merida home.

But then the summer’s typical afternoon rain comes, so he retreats indoors and summons some pizza on his Uber Eats app. And a typical expat afternoon during a pandemic lockdown is captured.

Sherrod said he had a major brain seizure and has been resting mostly in Chicxulub. He returns to the coast Sunday after six weeks in the Centro.

“The medical help I’ve received here has saved my life. I’ve learned to chill out and enjoy life,” Sherrod said. “I owe Mexico a lot for my recovery. So I’m sharing the expat lifestyle with my new skill I just learned of filmmaking.”

“Three doctors though. Three different treatments. Thank goodness for the advanced medical care in Merida. Merida rocks,” he said.

Sherrod has advice for potential expats exploring options all around the world. His YouTube page addresses topics including travel restrictions and visas. Visit expatrebel.com for more information and to subscribe to his newsletter.

Source: Yucatán Expat Life