Ever wonder if you could snow ski in Mexico?


Bosques de Monterreal, Coahuila: the best place in México to snow ski

Bosques de Monterreal, Coahuila is located in Arteaga, a beautiful “Magic Town”, that thanks to its natural richness has been nicknamed “The Swiss of Mexico”

Snow ski in México? En Monterreal it is possible!

Skiing in Mexico may seem like an unattainable dream if we think about the weather conditions of our country, the inexistence of service providers and the fact that we are more identified worldwide as a cultural and sun and beach destination.

Canada and the northern United States or the Scandinavian countries are the plces to go if you’re looking for snow skiing. But, what if you could practice that sport without having to leave Mexico?

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Believe it or not, in the state of Coahuila there is this new site that can be considered the first ski center (with artificial slopes) in Mexico; the name is Bosques de Monterreal, located in the Sierra de Arteaga.

To access it there are several options, since it is located just 30 minutes from the city of Saltillo and 50 minutes from the Monterrey, Nuevo León international airport.

For the creation of this center, highly qualified consultants from Europe were hired, who provided the ideal knowledge, experience, and know-how, so that the quality standards met at Monterreal are excellent.

Arteaga, Coahuila: Pueblo Mágico

Learn how to ski and live fantastic moments with your family members.

Bosques de Monterreal covers an area of ​​700 hectares, with an altitude of 2,300 meters in the lower part, and 3,700 in the upper part. The track is made with a material called Dendix, a special fiber that thanks to the water spray helps the skis slide.

The main track, with a length of 230 meters, has a spring box type lift (an elevator to go up the slope), which is why, according to official rules, it is considered a “blue track” due to its degree of difficulty. which has a 20-degree slope that allows skiers to enjoy an unforgettable experience.
And if you don’t you know how to ski? Don’t worry, in Monterreal they have the best instructors!

Then there is the learning track, with a length of 45 meters, which has a band lift; As its name implies, this is a track for beginners, and it is possible to teach skiing technique. Snow skiing has become a favorite of the Mexican young children.

On the main track the same equipment is used as in a natural snow center: bindings that prevent injuries to the legs; boots for the protection of the feet; skis and ski poles that serve as an impetus for the descent of the slope.

Bosques de Monterreal provides the equipment, along with the advice of a specialized instructor or guide, to fully enjoy this sport. But there are also other items that should not be forgotten, such as special clothing, including jackets and gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm.

For all the above, Bosques de Monterreal can be the generating center of the first Mexican ski competitors, since it has all the necessary conditions for an athlete to learn, practice, and perfect his/her technique.

So, if you like adventure, Coahuila awaits you with its wonderful ski center and its charming nature, you no longer have to go abroad to practice this sport!

Cómo llegar a Monterreal, Coahuila

Carretera San Antonio de las Alazanas-Mesa de las Tablas, km 32, Arteaga, Coahuila, a 18 km al este de Saltillo.

For more information got to monterreal.com