Mayor of Navolato, Sinaloa hospitalized


The mayor of Navolato, Eliazar Gutiérrez, has been voluntarily hospitalized; the report says his health status is stable.

Through social networks, the H. Municipality of Navolato, Sinaloa reported that Mayor Eliazar Gutiérrez Angulo was hospitalized preventively and voluntarily due to exhaustion provoked by an overload of stress.

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CULIACÁN, Sinaloa.- On Thursday, August 13th, it was reported through a statement on social networks that the municipal president of Navolato, Eliazar Gutiérrez Angulo, voluntarily went to a private clinic by his own means, to have a medical evaluation performed on him because he felt a bit exhausted by an overload of stress that he has suffered in recent days, says the statement on social networks.

After the medical diagnosis indicated that the Navolato mayor was stable, he decided to stay in the hospital in a preventive way to be cared for by specialized personnel, and thereby seek his full recovery in a faster way.

The municipality, by his own decision, asked his family this afternoon to transfer him to a hospital to undergo a medical check-up because he felt a bit exhausted, and he entered the premises by his own foot to be treated by the specialists.

It should be reiterated that the current state of health of the municipal president Eliazar Gutiérrez Angulo is stable, and his exhaustion is caused by the accumulated stress due to serious health problems that some of his close relatives have suffered.

Source: El Imparcial

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