San Cristobal de las Casas does house to house sweeps to detect illness


CHIAPAS: The Municipal Health Directorate of the San Cristóbal de Las Casas City Council and the Health District ll, carried out the house-by-house sweep in the Montes Azules Fractionation with the aim of detecting cases of respiratory diseases and giving them immediate attention. 

Dr. Aleida Camacho Vázquez, director of Municipal Health, pointed out that they work in a coordinated manner with the Health Jurisdiction No. 2, of Dr. Octavio Alberto Coutiño Niño where they have visited different parts of the city such as the Guadalupe neighborhood, La Merced, Fátima, the Maya neighborhood, Jardines del Valle and the Montes Azules subdivision.

Camacho Vázquez pointed out that during the day a public service post was established with the aim of providing comprehensive care, that is, according to the specific needs of childhoods, adolescents and also to address problems that have to do with age , older adults, women who need gynecological care: “ especially taking care of the pregnancy. It is super important and that they can be linked to the corresponding institutions according to needs ”.

One of the first results of the strategy was given in the Barrio de Guadalupe where a neighborhood committee was established to carry out a surveillance on issues related to Civil Protection and suspects of Covid-19.

For his part, Jorge Martínez Fernández, president of the Neighborhood Council of the Montes Azules Fractionation stated that the committee asked the health authorities to sweep from house to house to detect respiratory diseases, as well as to take glucose samples, of hypertension and vaccines for boys and girls under 6 years of age.

Martínez Fernández pointed out: “ Sometimes the neighbors are afraid of going to the health centers and getting infected. So the health sector is reaching the houses so that they do not bother to go to the health centers “and asked the settlers:” it is necessary that they accept these health brigades to mitigate this disease . “

Likewise, José Luis Hernández Arvizu and Liliana Guadalupe Nájera Matías, inhabitants of the subdivision, stated that it is a measure to bring health services closer to people: “it is something very good, because I have obesity and at the same time I am hypertensive; We are afraid to go to hospitals because of the fear of contagion, ”said Hernández Arvizu.


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