Mazatlan Mayor proposes creating traffic lights for bars to avoid crowds


The mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced the creation of a traffic light for bars that will allow to inform through an application which business is full so that people look for another to come and have fun.

He said that these businesses that comply with the protocol are being reopened, and this weekend they were supervised and those that did not comply closed them.

El Oyster, lugar de diversión con tradición en Mazatlán
Joes Oyster Bar Mazatlan

“We are going to create the traffic lights of clubs and restaurants, because they say that since there are not many open, most want to go to the few that are, they are saturated and we proposed to make a traffic light like that of beaches so that people can see from his cell phone, I want to go to such a club, no, it is in red there is no point in going, I better go to another one, the same with restaurants and avoid congestions outside ”.

He said he did not know how many bars are open at the moment.
Mayor Benítez Torres stated that they are already working on the application, and he trusted that the owners of bars and nightclubs agree to work with this application since what they want is to have a job.
He did not assure a date for it to start operating but said it will be soon, and they are already seeing the mechanism so that it is in real-time.

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