Which Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Cleaner Should I Get for my Pool in Mexico?


Dolphin Nautilus CC vs. CC Plus vs. CC Supreme: Which  Robotic Pool Cleaner Is Right For Your Swimming Pool?

Having a pool right in your home during the hot summer months is always a welcoming sight. There’s no denying that a pool can provide you and your family hours of endless fun and entertainment. Nevertheless, it’s cleaning and upkeep process is notoriously challenging.

Fortunately, there are automatic pool cleaners like robot cleaners to rescue you from the laborious task. And if you’re looking for a robotic pool cleaner worthy of your hard-earned money, the Maytronics Dolphin line is on top of the list. In fact, this site recommends Dolphin as one of the best robotic pool cleaners on the market today.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen Maytronics release numerous Dolphin models, making it quite hard for pool owners to choose the best one. In today’s article, we’ll compare three of the mightiest Dolphins around. These include the Nautilus CC, CC Plus, and CC Supreme to help you make an informed decision.

About The Dolphin Nautilus CC Line

The robot pool cleaners under the Dolphin Nautilus CC line are built with convenience in mind. These gadgets are simple and extremely easy to operate. All you have to do is press a button to turn them on, and they’ll start cleaning your swimming pool.

With the exception of the Nautilus CC, these robots work well on 55-feet long pools. If your backyard pool is bigger, then you may want to consider looking for an alternative since these cleaners are not meant for massive pools.

Your Dolphin Nautilus CC can take care of your 55-feet long for only 2 hours. It features dual-scrubbing brushes, allowing it to get rid of debris and dirt off of your pool floors and walls more efficiently.

On top of that, it comes with a CleverClean navigation system that applies advanced algorithms when navigating your pool. This means that it will provide you with reliable cleaning every time.

Furthermore, Dolphin Nautilus robots are equipped with two filters. The fine and ultra-fine filters will take whatever is in your pool water, from leaves to mud. Plus, they’ll filter everything out to leave your water as pure and fresh as it has ever been.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the most popular Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaners out there.

What Can The Dolphin Nautilus CC Have To Offer?

One of the first things you’ll notice with the Nautilus CC is it’s nice design and clean aesthetic. Although it’s not something special, you’ll like that it’s quite clear and simple to grasp. Hence, using this robot pool cleaner is easy.

This automatic pool cleaner is for pools with a maximum diameter of 33 feet. Also, it can only handle your pool walls and floors. It cleans by moving around the surfaces of your pool while utilizing the CleverClean Technology of Dolphin Nautilus.

The technology allows the Nautilus CC to scan your pool while employing algorithms to define its location in your pool, the area it needs to tackle, and the best possible route to get there. As it maneuvers around your pool surface, it will brush off anything it comes across like moss and algae with the help of its active brushing feature.

Once the brushes scraped all the gunk off, it will then flow directly into the device. This will go through a little suction filter which the Nautilus CC uses to collect all those gunk, and into a larger filter.

After your robot cleaner is finished with its cleaning session, simply dump all the content of its filter into the bin. Then, place it back into the unit, and you’re done. That’s how simple it is.

So if you have a small pool with moderate dirt that does not need deep washing, the Dolphin Nautilus CC is a great option to consider.

What Can The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Have To Offer?

The Nautilus CC Plus has everything that makes the other robots in the Dolphin series work well. It will not provide you with a unique robot pool cleaning experience. However, it is incredibly handy and boasts some special features, as well as delivers a highly effective performance. Here’s a Nautilus CC Plus unboxing video to see it for yourself.

This device can take care of swimming pools with a diameter of up to 55 feet long. As it makes its way around your pool’s surface, it utilizes its powerful scrubbing brushes at the back and front to remove dirt from the walls and flooring.

But no matter how robust these brushes are, they’re nothing without a superb suction power. Luckily, this is another area where this automatic pool cleaner excels in with a big suction pathway to match. Therefore, you can expect the Nautilus CC Plus to give your pool a very efficient and meticulous washing.

It will suck in gunk after gunk, including leaves and little sticks. All of these will go in its two tough cartridge filters that can hold a lot of materials. When it’s done, do not forget to empty out these filters so that your robot is ready for its next job.

In comparison to the Nautilus CC, this model offers greater coverage. Additionally, you can place it in your pool to start cleaning or automate when you want it to clean through its scheduling feature.

With its CleverClean system, it’ll have an idea where it is and where it needs to go in your pool. This allows for hassle-free navigation of your pool while ensuring that the unit will not take longer than two hours to clean it.

The bottom line this Dolphin robot pool cleaner is another fantastic device to get if you’re looking for power and efficiency. It will provide you with tons of cleaning ability to take care of your larger backyard pool. Watch this quick video user guide to see the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus in action.

What Can The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Have To Offer?

Lastly, you have the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme which can also clean a pool with a maximum diameter of 55 feet. But what makes it stand out from the other two models is that aside from walls and floors, it can also clean your swimming pool’s waterline.

The Nautilus CC Supreme does that by relying on its three sturdy scrubbing brushes combined with strong suction and two large cartridge filters. These are three of the most important systems of a robotic pool cleaner, which are remarkably powerful in this Dolphin model.

It will move throughout your pool, including its powerline to get all those grime, gunk, and filth. Then, everything that it sucks from the surfaces will flow in a suction pathway, and eventually into the unit’s filtration system. So once you’re done with pool cleaning, you can simply empty everything in the trash can.

Overall, the Nautilus CC Supreme is an outstanding pool cleaning equipment and one of the most powerful available today. But it also comes with a higher price tag. So if you want the best and have the budget for it, then this is the Dolphin robot that can serve you and your pool quite well.

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