Virgin of Guadalupe re-emerges in Monterrey


Monterrey’s government will “rescue” the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe made of steel that “reappeared” almost buried by rocks moved by the Santa Catarina flow during the heavy rainfall caused by hurricane Hanna last Sunday, July 26th.

In 2010, another hurricane, “Alex,” ripped off the base that held the religious image, at the river’s southern bank, and since then, it was considered lost, so a replica was built on the place where the original used to be.

Adrián de la Garza Santos, Monterrey’s mayor, said that he has ordered personnel from the Public Services Ministry to recover the image that remained buried between soil and rocks at the Santa Catarina River, some 200 meters from where it was ripped off by the swelling of the river on June 25, 2010, when hurricane “Alex” struck the region.

When he was supervising the damages caused by “Hanna,” in the limits with San Nicolás Garza, along with the municipal president Zeferino Salgado Almaguer, the Monterrey mayor was informed by members of his administration that people who were near the Santa Catarina river had “discovered” the religious image.

After both mayors went to visit the área, Adrián de la Garza mentioned that it is an important event for Catholic people in Monterrey, so a proper space must be found to put the image once it is restored. In this respect, Zeferino Salgado offered to help in the restoration of the image via the Aceros del Toro company.

“We will have to talk to the Archdiocese, to the Monterrey archbishop (Rogelio Cabrera López) so that they tell us which would be the new location for the Virgin, along with the municipality, of course,” said Adrián de la Garza, who added that the religious image could also be installed in private property but “for everyone to see.”

Source: El Universal